What We Do

We have different types of services to suit all types of requirements and budgets. An economical way to start your online journey is to use the bronze pack. You can gradually improve and add components using the advanced plans. A detailed list of our services and plans with their features is available on the Web Plans page. If you are interested in social media integration to leverage marketing potential, please see our listing on the Facebook Apps page.

Website Refresh — €POA (according to size of your website)

We will update your website in line with current fashions in design.

  • HTML 4/5

  • PHP Enquiry/Contact Forms

  • Search engine indexing

  • W3C Validation

New Websites — See our Web Plans page

If you need a website for your business or organisation, contact us and we will guide you in easy baby steps!

  • We work with you to formulate criteria for a design

  • We advise, improve or even write your text content

  • We suggest photographs that will convey your message well

  • We provide you with proofs and give you the chance to correct and improve

  • We never go live with content without your explicit agreement.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) — €POA

Is your website already published and you wish to have more visitors?
Consider our SEO service to help your potential customers find you.

  • Six month contract

  • We work on your site each day and provide weekly and monthly reports

  • Search engine indexing

  • Promote keywords that help your position in the market place

  • Create well-written articles about you, your business, brand, products and services as appropriate

  • You have proofs to review the content of these articles before submission

  • There are many ways we can help you and the choice of which methods best apply to your website will be discussed with you.

Marketing and Advertising — Facebook Ads and Google Adwords Campaigns

If you wish to promote your online presence with an advertising budget, we can manage your account effectively.
Campaigns might run for a fixed time period (e.g. a three-month period) or might be short-term, once-off and event-specific, as appropriate.

  • We work with you to create an implementation plan, typically on Google or other search engines, or on Facebook

  • We advise, improve or even write your ad. copy text and create visuals

  • We manage the analytics and provide reports on traction, advising on any improvements or strategy changes

  • We provide proofs of ad. copy and never publish without your prior agreement

  • 100% of your advertising budget is used specifically for advertising, unused balances are returned or credited to your account.
    Management fees and creative development fees are separate and agreed with you in advance.

Whatever You Need!

If our services and packages are not suited to your particular needs, please contact us outlining your requirements and we will quote for your specific project.

Contact us before your competitors do!

Static Website Plan

These plans offer informative websites which are rarely changed after it is posted online.

Use the Static Website Plan if you just wish to inform people about your organisation, how to contact you and have a minimum online presence.

Dynamic Website Plan

Dynamic website plans include interactive web pages with changing content which are the latest trend.

Grow your business to global heights with a more attractive & impressive website.

Why Choose Us

Work with us because:

We provide excellent services at competitive rates which are truly affordable with a positive return on investment.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We provide 24/7 customer assistance & aim at building a long lasting business relationship.

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