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Promote your website with Facebook integration.
We offer an à la carte menu of many features that leverage the power of social media for greater marketing potential. If you like the idea of promoting your products and services to the friends of your customers, you will appreciate how your online presence may spread your good news farther and wider than you ever thought possible. Reach out to the friends of your fans! You know they talk, but you may wish to provide supports to help them talk about you and your business! You may have noticed how we are doing that with this website. We have used many features on this site that encourage interactions with Facebook users. Some of these are visible here while other features appear as reminders about us when you are catching up with your updates on Facebook. We are willing to do the same for you on your own website. Contact us if these features are suited to your website.

The following list offers some of the features that encourage the marketing benefits of social media:

WebsIntel.com can build your Facebook Business PageFacebook Business Page creation to enable Social Leverage

WebsIntel.com creates unique Tab Apps on your Facebook Business Page for competitions, signup forms, landing pages and whatever you can think of!Customised Design: Unique Tab App content on your Facebook business page

WebsIntel.com can add your own original content to your Facebook Business Page.iFrameTabs for your own original content within your Facebook business page

WebsIntel.com can create Facbook Like and Send buttons under your products and on your website's pages to engage users and help awareness of your business to develop organically.Facebook Like and Send buttons on each of your products and pages

WebsIntel.com can create forms where visitors sign in with their Facebook credentials which are saved in your backend SQL database!Login with a Facebook Connect button so visitors do not have to type their names and email addresses on your contact form

WebsIntel.com can create messages dynamically to your visitors timelines.Facebook Open Graph Integration delivering clickable backlinks to your website on messages to your visitors and their timelines
Friends of your customers will become aware of your company on Facebook.where their friends will see it on their News Feed

WebsIntel.com can create promotions to attract your customers back again!Attract customers back with short- or long-term Facebook promotions, advert campaigns, competitions and discount codes

WebsIntel.com programmers can create a backend database to store details of your visitors.PHP programming to build an SQL database of your visitors who are also members of Facebook

WebsIntel.com can use social media to promote your business far and wide!Messages sent to previous visitors to maintain brand awareness and attract them back with new offers and promotions

Website Intelligence is the added value you get from a website created by WebsIntel.comPHP Enquiry Forms with easy login for visitors who use their Facebook credentials - Try our Contact form for an example of this

WebsIntel can build applications that allow your staff to harness Facebook for your business, without having to login and get distracted.Unique backend tools that allow your staff to promote your business on Facebook, without having to login to Facebook and
Webs Intelligence is a powerful service from WebsIntel.comtherefore avoiding the distraction of personal social trivia during their working time

WebsIntel can make your company listed within Facebook so visitors can search and find your company.Be found on Nearby by mobile device users and on Graph Search by people searching for businesses like yours

WebsIntel.com builds websites that work wonders for businesses and organisations.Create and promote important posts to fans and friends of fans across Facebook.

Reach Out!

Connect and reach new customers organically
Social media is the online equivalent of 'word of mouth' offering free or low cost organic growth.

Our development work in this area is one of our unique selling points. We welcome hearing about your requirements and offering an implementation plan that harnesses the power of social media to help your business.
If you are interested in this, please let us know! Use the Contact Us page to send us a message. Of course, if you prefer, you may send us a message with Facebook.

If you like this, then please be social and let your friends know about it too.

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Our Facebook Business Page

We have our own Facebook Business Page and from time to time we make announcements about new features we provide and interesting issues that relate to website development. We even have seasonal promotions and competitions to win websites! If you would like to be part of all this, click here to join the WebsIntel.com page on Facebook:

Static Website Plan

These plans offer informative websites which are rarely changed after being posted online.

Use the Static Website Plan if you just wish to inform people about your organisation, how to contact you and have a minimum online presence.

Graphic to promote building static websites to business customers

Dynamic Website Plan

Dynamic website plans include interactive web pages with changing content which are the latest trend.

Grow your business to global heights with a more attractive, impressive website.

Graphic to promote dynamic websites to business customers

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